ABADONED (100WC #40)


As dawn broke slowly over the shattered remains of North London a cold blooded wind filled the sky.it was year 5’s day to be evacuated to the countryside. As far as I remember it was in North Wales.

My partners on the train journey with Fergus and Luke.when we neared the countryside I saw fields of green with big smiles on their face and remembered what life was like before the war. The scariest part was everyone saying I’m going with him she’s going with me. I was terrified who would pick me and Fergus.but Instead the teacher said but “I’m afraid it’s the last one!” He said

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Behind the house (100WC #39)


Once there was a boy called Desmond, Desmond always wondered about the forest behind his house. So, on his birthday he decided to go into the forest with his friends. They cut a hole in the fence and slowly walked in. It started to get windy, too windy. THE FOREST SEEMED ALIVE WHEN the trees clashed together, they crahed and swayed until they almost fell over. Desmond and his friends James and Gary started to run. They ran and ran until suddenly they arrived at a huge stone wall. The wall had a bolted gate… should they open it?

Killzone (100WC #39)


Now, I am no one, I just see nothingness. No sun, no moon, just the darkness. It all happened three days ago. My nickname was The Night Rider, I was called that because I only went out at night. My job was to arrest members of the Killzone Department.
Anyway, Janson, the leader of the Killzone Department, was located in ‘The Forest’ and the forest seemed alive as I ran through it. I felt a stabbing pain in my back and heard the eerie sound of metal against bone. I am like this now, nobody. I just see nothingness.

The Forest (100WC #39)


The forest behind my house was once a place were everybody on the street played including mums and dads who played with there children they were ether making dens with there children, playing football and just running wild. That night I went to bed I read my book for a while and then I fell asleep. The only thing I remembered from last night was my dream. My dream was about me waking up and going to THE FOREST SEEMED ALIVE AS an abandoned building. The forest was empty.

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Oh, what a lovely holiday (1ooWC #39)


“Oh what a lovely morning” said Billy as he got out of his sleeping bag. I wonder what’s for breakfast I hope it’s good”thought Billy but it was snails and carrots YUCK! Then as quick as a flash Luke and Thomas ran back to camp saying they saw an alligator I didn’t believe them. We had a good camp with a eye glazing view at sunset by the Amazon River. At this time of year the forest seemed alive as if a caterpillar was turning into a butterfly. But unfournately mum and dad cut the trip short due to workmen cutting down the rainforest.

Forgotten (100WC #39)


This is the end! It all happened a long time ago in this very place. It was a cold, dead night and the fog seemed to be clutching at me as if souls of the dead were trying, but failing to devour me. When I woke it was if someone or something had wiped my mind of past events. I remember seeing my horse gallop off into the forest. I tried to follow but the forest seemed alive as I tried to push my way through. I turned and someone fell on me. Then, all was cold darkness.

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Floors and Comic Life


Year 5 have been busy making computer games using Floors by Pixel Press. Floors is a fantastic app that allows you to create simple side scrolling games just by drawing.

Once the games were completed, Year 5 had to take screen grabs of important events in the game which were used to create a comic about the adventure. The Comic Life app was used to create the comic.

The original idea for app smashing Floors into Comic Life came from Porchester Junior School. Please read their blog post here.

Please see 3 of the completed comics below.

Jet Pack Joyride by JIL

Jet Pack Joyride-1 JIL
Jet Pack Joyride-2 JIL
Jet Pack Joyride-3 JIL

If you are reading this on an iPad click this link to play Jet Pack Joyride yourself.
A fantastic new addition to Floors is the ability to record game play. Please click this link to watch JIL play, and talk, through Jet Pack Joyride.

Garbage Game by Joseph, Oliver & Poppy

Garbage Game-1 Garbage Game by Joseph Oliver FG Poppy
Garbage Game-2 Garbage Game by Joseph Oliver FG Poppy
Garbage Game-3 Garbage Game by Joseph Oliver FG Poppy
Garbage Game-4 Garbage Game by Joseph Oliver FG Poppy

Skate Blocks by Thomas, Nat and Caitlin

Skate Blocks-1 Thomas, Nat and Caitlin
Skate Blocks-2 Thomas, Nat and Caitlin
Skate Blocks-3 Thomas, Nat and Caitlin

To the beach, or not to the beach? That is the question! (100WC #38)


Jack was sitting next to the window, looking at the crystal clear sea. The longer Jack stared, the more inviting the sea looked. Suddenly a delicious smell of bacon wafted from the kitchen and he was brought back to reality.
“Where are you going?” questioned Jack when he saw his sister, Leah, sneaking to the hotel door.
“The beach,” Leah said firmly.
“Let’s all go to the beach together,” Mum said.
They set of running down to the beach but slowed down rapidly. The sea looked so cool and inviting, but it was far too hot to be outside. Bacon sandwiches, indoors, seemed more appealing!!

The heat death (100WC #38)


Tired. So tried. Must escape. So tired…
I was following Sam, that idiotic betrayer, she WAS my best friend. The world had been hit by sun flares last year leaving half of the world in devastation.
I would have saved my family but it was far too hot to save them.
Sam was taking me to a ‘Safe Zone’ and followed here into a building, it was extremely hot inside and that’s when she ran outside and locked the door…

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